“Children want the same things we want – to laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted”, said Dr. Seuss, an American author of children’s books. His statement resonates the truth. Our school upholds many qualities inevitable in the present times.

  • Stress free teaching – learning approach.
  • Experiential learning process .
  • Our kids learn
  • As they taught
  • Through challenges
  • In an entertaining and delightful manner.
  • A holistic prosecc that involves physical as well as mental and social development of the children.
  • Various outdoor and indoor process and is not confined to the four walls of the class room.
  • Above all an excellent institution with affordable fee structure.

Our education involves innovative techniques designed specially with care, to tend to children and their queries, and to help them understand things in an easy manner. The curriculum , which is updated from time to time with a mission to impart quality education to children so that they can meet the challenges, and we have been successfully doing the same for over a decade now, ever since the school was established in the year 2000.

At Lords Junior School, we have an expert team of teachers, meticulously trained, with an experience of over a decade, who nurture and care for the children first hand. Not just curriculum, extra-curricular activities like sports, dance, music, martial art, school band etc are also held from time to time with a view to inculcate all round development in students. We consider each and every child precious and hence, we tend to them with utmost care. We encourage each child to participate in the different events and activities conducted. Along with this, we provide the-art infrastructure and all modern facilities for facilitating studies.

Another unique feature of Lords is that people from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life get together and share their experiences to help each other. The school has an amazing ambience to it, while security is also one of the top-most priorities and shall not be compromised with. We understand that every child is different and has different talents and potentials, and we accordingly help in channelling the interests of the child in that direction..

We are committed for imparting quality education to all children, in the manner that they find comfortable, which makes us stand out.